Polish LED sign market 2015

About the changes in the advertising market illuminating we talk with the owner Astel Europe company and the brand BestREKLAMA Mr. Eugene Yavorski

Illuminated advertising market in Poland and Europe is growing very rapidly. Displays and screens allow you to differentiate the company from its competitors. Such advertising provides greater visibility, and the display makes the potential customer will pay attention. About the changes in the advertising market illuminating we talk with the coowner of Astel Europe company and the brand BestREKLAMA Mr. Eugene Yaworski

How look outdoor sign market in Poland?

The Polish economy is still being developed so that the advertising market is also light up to then. An increasing number of competitive enterprises makes it necessary to advertise for key products and services. Astel Europe offers many solutions in the field of advertising, from the classic panels, letters perimeter (3D), the displays and LED screens these. The advertising market is constantly changing, now puts primarily on efficient, energy-efficient LEDs. Displays and screens is primarily a tool to communicate with customers using dynamic media. We can display a large amount of both textual information and graphical advertising by what is dynamic and allows you to put more important information regarding our business.

You and your company signed a contract with RGB Technology. What is this partnership?

Yes  in April 2015 Astel Europe signed an agreement with Polish manufacturer - RGB Technology. We are the official authorized distributor in Poland, located in Warsaw. It is for us a great challenge and a new direction of development. We focus exclusively on products RGB Technology. It is also the result of policy changes in RGB Technology, which focused primarily on the production and development of their products and for sales in regions largely corresponds to the distributor.

You don’t’ lose yours  customers because of this agreement?

No, at this moment we are focusing on products one producer, which in addition to the technological advantage has advantages in the form of location located in Poland and quick service. Soon we will be able to offer maintenance services to customers within 24 hours of application across the country.

At that time, we will try to fix the problem, take steps warranty or post-warranty service. The manufacturer will also be able to produce each module, even that of previous batches and years. This is a big advantage RGB Technology in devices operating period.

The advertising market is a very dynamic market where there is a lot of competition. What kind of innovations intend to introduce in their products?

In the near future we expect a new full-color modules "Full Color" on separation of 8 and 6 mm. We accept've even pre-order for such projects. These modules will be used externally or internally.

What are the advantages of video screens and displays from Polish producer of the cheaper competition from China?

Contrary to appearances, not Chinese production is cheaper, especially when planning a long-term investment. Just a few hours walk through Warsaw to see the Chinese products in which either something is not working, or fell out individual modules: a candle with varying degrees of clarity or are completely excluded. Such displays or screens often stand broken for weeks and months without any maintenance. It's a bit like a car, if someone wants to buy a car and it did not drive it any model or brand will be good, but if someone wants to drive this car this car is a must operate in a proper manner, without charge.

Chinese production, and it is primarily for modules or offices based in Poland have already arranged displays or screens is different, both highand low quality, they are cheaper and more expensive than the RGB Technology. Some time ago we had on offer Chinese products because we know about it. If you need an ad for a short time then why overpay? As with Christmas tree lights. Who is going to buy only for a period of Christmas and then throw it buys the cheapest, even occasionally somewhere in stores. We care only about fire regulations. But if you want to install the LED lights on the trees, the assumption of several years of operation, and are looking for solutions to renowned companies from Germany or Austria, we buy in the store, pay attention to the warranty period.

These companies may have factories in China, but that's another level of accountability to the customer, another level of performance and standards.

What makes Astel Europe is a trustworthy company? What have you to offer your customers what they do not offer the others?

First is the creativity, innovation and systemic approach, knowledge and experience in the industry. Astel Europe works in PMI project management standards, draw on the expertise of the manufacturer and maintains ISO standards. For the customer cooperation with the distributor is primarily more attention, more flexibility as to the solutions of the financing on the terms of cooperation. As advisors to the use of a much wider knowledge of the tools of advertising and marketing that ultimately results in customer profits. Polish manufacturer of RGB Technology is constantly markets innovative products based on our own ideas and patents. We are constantly working on common objectives in the areas of cost, quality, timeliness of delivery and safety. It was created Department of Product Development, whose aim is guiding the development of technical, problem solving, creating reliable equipment matching customer requirements. It also works in the laboratory where they are tested both its own products so and parts from suppliers, including the United States.

As the only market we have introduced rental service displays. Such a solution, we offer two groups of customers. The first are those who have short or share travel and need our products for a limited time, while others are a group of people who want to test displays and see what benefit. We have also introduced a system Trade In, if the customer bring us your old cassette or display will quote him at an additional cost and replace with a new operating according to the latest standards. For our customers, we have also prepared a unique promotion, anyone who opts for the purchase and installation of our products in the city or on the street, in the larger metropolitan are where there are no other displays will receive a 3% discount on your order. Has just launched the site bestreklama.com.pl for simpler and faster communication with the client, are given the price, description of the tools, conditions for the selection of appropriate parameters - easily select and order what is best - that focused on seeking solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

What are your plans for the coming months? In which direction you intend to grow?

Advertisements LED these are primarily dynamic function more effectively, continuously attract attention. On the other hand, the efficacy of such advertising depends on many factors, their correct assessment and placement as it is our job. Our customers are satisfied with the quality of products and services of RGB Technology. Astel Europe as evidenced by the continuous increase in orders including orders of regular customers. Our experience in the subject illuminated advertising means that we can offer each customer the best solution. Our mission is to professional advice, so that finally the customer has chosen the best solution for you. The nearest plans are to introduce non- stop service 24h, to facilitate the purchase at bestreklama.com.pl, the introduction of the latest products ie full color screen with louvre or separation of 8 mm and 6 mm (RGB-8-p8 SMD LED and RGB-6-SMD LED p6)

Does recently signed by President Law landscape significantly affect the outdoor advertising market in Poland?

You have to start from this that the purpose of this law is not to protect the landscape, but struggle with outdoor advertising. Clutter in the largest cities in the greatest cause illegal banners and signs. This will cause the outdoor advertising assuming you will need to communicate with the local landscape architect and obtain his consent. The purpose of this law is not to ban the advertising of their business only to organize and clean the streets of many illegal or wrong set of signs and video screens. This will not cause stagnation in the development of outdoor advertising market, only it will order certain processes which need to be followed when choosing whether displays or video screens. So how wiadać it will increase prices for such ads to customers. The image of outdoor advertising for years spoils of illegal construction mess, hanging banners, sheets covering the facades, rozklejanych accidentally posters and chaos boards and signs placed on buildings, fences and poles. The reason for this is the lack of regulation, consistent cleansing and clarifying the confusion and lawlessness. Legally, well done outdoor advertising offered by Astel Europe stands out in many respects. It is the aesthetic fits in with its surroundings, and in a manner not aggressive reklmuje company data or services. Such structures are monitored by technicians and service groups so you meet the required technical standards and are completely safe. The other side of it is that you can odtwazrzać wieli big screen advertising on a billboard and only a few in miesącu. If the number of plots of place or is limited this large screen is skutecznejsze solution for investors.

Thank you very much for the interview and wish you continued success!

On each other, good luck!

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with RGB10 color SMD GV10 mono

E. Yavorski shows RGB10 SMD & GV10 set of modules