New deals and px 8 mm module

LED video screen mounted on the “Biedronka” supermarket building by RGB Technology. New project implementations and new modules in the product range.

 Biedronka's px 12 mm  LED screen

The LED video screen has been mounted on the “Biedronka” supermaket building at Bolesława Chrobrego Street 21 in the village of Mielno. The surface of the device is 15.40m2.  The applied  technology:  RGB12 (physical raster 12.5mm) – LED Cree, SMD. It's the first pilot LED screen in Biedronka's retail chain. Installed by RGB Technology's crue



Module RGB8 with SMD-type diods (8mm pixel pitch full color)


Technological Characteristics:
LED - selected diodes CREE brand
Drivers LED - manufacturer Texas Instruments
PROCESSORS - producer NXP by Philips
POWER - producer MEAN WELL

Dimensions and parameters of color display module:  
Width 256mm
Height 256mm
Thickness 0,7cm
Weight 1,15kg
Pixels 32x32
Pixels SMD RGB 3w1

4.000 Cd/m2 (4.000 nit)

Colors 16 777 216 (24 bit)
Horizontal viewing angle
The vertical viewing angle
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Maximum power consumption (the value for 1 m2) 395W
Average power consumption (the value for 1 m2) 159W
Operating temperature range od -25°C do +45°C
Moisture range do 99%

SMD – diodes of the future

Since diodes first appeared in advertising, their technologies have been developed all the time. The newest achievement is SMDs, which are distinguished by high brightness, a very wide angle of luminescence and a small size. The SMD parameters allow us to manufacture displays of very high resolution.

Comparison of the angles of illumination

RGB Technology Competitive Advantage:

- Own group assembly - service.
- Short delivery times.
- Our own product development.
- No moving parts (fans) and the use of LEDs with high efficiency for low power consumption.
- The possibility of formatting devices based on modules (any size).
- Lightweight modular construction