Diversity Profitability Expansion

Diversity and Profitability are positively related up to a certain point; after that point, increases in product diversity are associated with declining profitability.

This is the main reason Astel Europe has a diversified yet limited business portfolio.

At the same time, for multinational diversification, we find that profitability in the home market encourages overseas expansion that in turn increases profitability.

The general formula for Astel Europe business can be defined as follows;

                                 Diversity > Profitability > Expansion 

The Astel Europe Company History

The company was established in 2013 to provide support for the associated Ukrainian manufacturer of LED displays for advertising purposes.

Over 15 years’ experience, professional skills and risky decision-making strategy of the owners of the company were the key factors in the successful establishment of Astel Europe operations and subsequent sales and market share growth.

In 2014 the company kicks-off its first project trademark BestREKLAMA.

To diversify the company’s portfolio in 2015 Astel Europe enters into an exclusive distribution agreement with the Polish manufacturer RGB Technology to sell their LED screens in Mazowiecki region of Poland and Ukraine.

After successful cooperation with its partner RE/MAX, an international #1 brand in Real Estate, Astel Europe expanded into the real estate market in 2016 with its another trademark Jaworski24.pl, specializing mostly in residential property market.

In 2017 the company started the production of natural superfood products under Aroma Di Estasi trademark. The test marketing and first-time sales have proven initial market research and revealed a great interest of the potential consumers.

An original design from the manufacturer and healthy ingredients of our dessert mixes attract a wide range of customers and market segments, from those who have a sweet tooth to natural food lovers and professional athletes.

Today, in 2018, we sell our products through all types of supermarkets and hypermarket chains in Poland.

The modern diode furniture light extended the company’s products range in 2017. Since Jubinale’2017 Exhibition in Warsaw held last April, whose sponsor was Astel Europe, the BestREKLAMA’s team is actively promoting the best LED lighting for showcases and special LED lighting for jewelry stores. Ukrainian unique engineering decisions help our company to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

In 2018 Astel Europe is extending its superfoods range with two completely new dessert products – a range of creamed honey with fruits, berries and herbs; and a variety of honey-based nut brittles.

Besides, we believe it’s high time for implementing the third component of our general business formula – overseas Expansion!

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